Ming Janssen

Ming teaches classes at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam

Originally from the Netherlands, Ming has lived and grown her roots in Aotearoa NZ and Indonesia. She recently returned home after 11 years overseas. Her passion for Yoga ignited in Bali, when she was first introduced to Kundalini Hatha Yoga. After a period of immersive practice in a local Balinese ashram, she felt incredibly empowered by the vitality and clarity in her body-mind. This glimpse of our body as a vehicle for awakening ignited her inquiry into the science of Yoga. And it hasn’t stopped since. Her accreditation is with Awakening Arts, School of Yoga & Eco-Somatic Therapies in NZ. Her practice and teachings are inspired by Eco-somatics, Body-mind centering, non-dual tantric philosophy and Embodied Flow™. With big gratitude to her most influential teachers; Juliette McConachy, Ketut Arsana and Mother Earth.

Ming teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yang Yoga at Delight. In her classes you will find a sweet balance of Yin and Yang qualities. Through a combination of meditation, pranayama (breath work), and creative asana sequences, you will be guided to tune in with the wisdom of your body-mind in motion. You will be invited to expand beyond your habitual ways of moving, enabling a sense of awe and wonder. Play & Curiosity is her mantra and she looks forward to exploring new pathways of movement and connection together with you!

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Ming's Classes

Ming teaches Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yang classes

Ming's Locations

Ming is a regular teacher at Delight Yoga Nieuwe Achtergracht in Amsterdam

Nieuwe Achtergracht, Amsterdam

Nieuwe Achtergracht 11-13

1018 XV Amsterdam



About studio

Our studio at the Nieuwe Achtergracht is located just East of the centre of Amsterdam. This studio has one big yoga shala and multiple smaller rooms for our healings, massages and consults. There is a lounge area to relax before and after your class while drinking your tea.

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