Minna Vainikka

Minna teaches Mysore and Ashtanga Led classes at Delight Yoga De Clercqstraat in Amsterdam

Everybody can practice yoga. This is Minna’s deep belief which she wants to share with the world.Through breath and movement, yoga has been a steady anchor in her life. It started as a small interest, over ten years ago, when she joined her first ashtanga yoga class in Finland. Only years later, after starting a daily Mysore practice with Claudia Pradella at Ashtanga Yoga Amsterdam, a new dimension of practice opened to her. It changed into a deeper inner exploration.

Yoga touched upon big moments and shifts in her life. She moved across countries and continents and got the chance to meet teachers that inspired her. After joining Claudia’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, she had the opportunity to go to Mysore to practice with Sharath Jois. A few years later in Rome, she met Lino Miele with whom she had an instant connection. Lino has been an integral part of deepening her practice and maintaining clear mind while going through health issues, daily stress and hectic lifestyle.

Not long ago, she found herself in Colorado, discovering the teachings from Annie Pace. With her presence and vast knowledge, Minna felt she had arrived in authentic source of the ashtanga lineage. Annie made a big impact on her inner experience and devotion. She learned much more about alignment and breathing and returned to practice with her several times. Inspired by all these encounters, she is now studying at The Yoga Therapy Institute in Amsterdam. She loves the approach of how it integrates traditional yogic concepts and techniques with Western medical and psychological knowledge.

‘Yoga is so powerful; it can be transformative and healing. It makes you stronger and braver. Practice gives me joy. And this joy, is what I want to share when teaching.’


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Minna teaches Ashtanga Led & Mysore Yoga

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Minna is a regular teacher at our De Clercqstraat studio in Amsterdam

De Clercqstraat, Amsterdam

De Clercqstraat 66-68

1052 NJ Amsterdam



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The studio on De Clercqstraat is situated in Amsterdam West, close to the city centre. There are two shalas, a big one and a smaller one. There is also a cosy room where you can enjoy one of our massages.

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