Myrna Captijn

"To live is to dance. Intuitively moving, truthfully expressing, curiously exploring, spontaneously connecting. Seriously - is there any difference?"

The search for truth, authenticity and reality as we are all familiar with, started for Myrna at a very young age, mainly coming to expression in her love for music and dance. The powerful connection between the movement of the body and our state of mind was something she discovered very innocently, which over the years, under the influence of many different practices, continued to develop itself into a practice she now consciously chooses for. The wisdom of our body, when allowed to move and flow freely, is something that fascinates Myrna. Because what are we actually doing, when we move - and what do we actually say with it?

Yoga for her is the place where all of this comes together - where we create the space to explore these questions, whether in asana practice or in enjoying your piece of chocolate. It’s all the same journey towards getting to know ourselves, and learning how to ride both our movement and our stillness.

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