Patricia Veltri

Patricia was still a child when she saw for the first time someone practising yoga. The person was her grandmother and from her Patricia learned how to do the Lion’s breath and some asanas. At those days yoga was a ‘funny strange thing’ grandma uses to do. In 2003 Patricia left Sao Paolo, Brazil, to live with her partner in Rotterdam. This big change gave her the opportunity to look inwards and while struggling to adapt to her new life, yoga came back to her path, giving her the strength she need to believe in new possibilities.

From being a student to becoming a yoga teacher many years of practice and studies happened. In Rotterdam, she start practising with the Iyengar teacher Charles Hond and follow many trainings, workshops and retreats. From Ashtanga (100-hour TT), Yin (150-hour TT), Vinyasa (100-hour TT), Healing Yoga (50-hour TT), Advanced Teacher Training (350hrs TT) to workshops with many well-known international teachers, Patricia never stopped studying and evolving her yoga practise. After a in-depth study on Healing Yoga with Kevin Sahaj, her interest on the subtle and medical aspects of yoga start to grow.

After joining an open day from the Delight Academy of Ayurveda, Patricia immediately subscribes to the first-year group. The combination of Yoga and Ayurveda opened a totally new dimension in her path and teachings.

Patricia dedicate 5 years to studying and practising the ancient medical system of Ayurveda and graduate as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in June 2022. During her years of study, some meetings with Ayurvedic master teachers caused a big impact on her. In 2018 a summer workshop retreat in Germany with Dr Vasant Lad opened her eyes to the beauty of using Nature as medicine. A seminar and a workshop with Dr Robert Svoboda in 2019 woke up her interest in Indian philosophy and astrology. And at the same year, she also meet Dr Claudia Welch, with who she studied women’s health, an area of her interest and a subject of her final paper at the Academy.

The combination of Yoga and Ayurveda opened a totally new dimension to Patricia’s path and teachings. Culminating with her overcoming many obstacles and going to India in January 2022, in the middle of the Corona crisis. In Kerala, at the Indian Ayurvedic Hospital ‘Shreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram’ under the guidance of Dr Vijith Sasidhar, her teachers and the Medical Director of the Ayurveda Academy, she worked as a doctor assistant. At the same clinic, she followed classes and worked with Dr Vidya Vijith, practising and helping at the Ayurvedic Hospital Pharmacy.

Teaching Yoga and giving Ayurvedic Consults as a graduated Ayurvedic Practitioner is nowadays Patricia’s main activities.


Patricia's Classes

Patricia teaches Yin, Yin Yang, Yoga & Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga

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Patricia is a regular teacher at our Scheveningseweg studio in Den Haag

Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

Scheveningseweg 14

2517 KT Den Haag


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This spacious yoga studio is uniquely situated, opposite the Peace Palace in Den Haag. The beautifully designed studio offers three yoga shalas and a lounge to relax with a cup of tea.

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