Sunny Hipeli

Sandra (Sunny) Hipeli was born in Amsterdam but grew up in Germany, returning to her birth country in 2006. She had been practicing yoga in Amsterdam already for a while when she found Delight Yoga in 2011. And she hasn’t left us since!

Sunny followed the full Sva Dharma teacher training program of Delight in 2012 - 2015 while working full time in fast-paced commercial environments. She then studied Pranic Healing with Master Hector Ramos, and dived deep into Shakti Tantra at the School of Shakti where she now also teaches. In 2017, she left her 'old life' for good to be able to serve others on their spiritual path. She joined Delight Academy as the Academy Coordinator for our yoga teacher training programs. It was a decision made from her heart.

As she has gone through it all herself, Sunny knows like no other what transformations and challenges students are encountering during their yoga journey. She loves to use her professional background as well as her personal experience when advising our students, and when supporting women in their journey into their feminine energy.

Besides working for Delight, Sunny is teaching Yoga, offering Pranic Healing and facilitating Women’s Circles in Amsterdam and in her hometown Arnhem.

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