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Yemanja Göttges
hatha Astanga Led yoga
Yemanja discovered yoga and Delight in 2011. Ever since her love and dedication for this path of self-knowledge has only grown more strongly. In 2017 she completed the 200 hrs (traditional Astanga oriented) basic teacher training with Claudia Pradella and Eva Ugolini. In 2018 she started the 500 hrs advanced study program with Satya and Sahaj. This has deepened and broadened her yoga journey and perspective beyond words to describe. In 2019 she continued the 200hrs training in the Astanga yoga method with the path of Astanga (100hrs) and she completed a 6- month Bhagavad Githa course. Currently, she applies all that she has learned into her own practice and life. In daily life, she works as a psychologist in specialized mental health care and assists various senior teachers during (a.o.) advanced study program curriculums. Moments of pain and tears exchange for moments of love bliss and everything in between. One thing she can say with certainty by now is that the practices of yoga, applied with the right method, knowledge, intention and effort do lead to freedom (step by step) and the ability to enjoy life in the here and now. This is the most profound experience in her life so far and her wish is to share as much of her experience with you as you wish to receive.
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