Terms & Conditions

Room Rental at Delight Yoga


1. Definitions

1.1. By tenant is meant: the person or organization that rents the space. 1.2 Space means: the group space or treatment room that Delight Yoga offers to tenants including the usual facilities such as utilities and a basic interior suitable for the purpose of treatments, massages, practice- or course space. Towels, oils or other supplies for massages or treatments are not included in the room rental.
1.3. Permanent tenant means: a tenant who rents the space of "Delight Yoga BV" weekly, or with other regularity, at a fixed time and for a year or more consecutively. For permanent tenants the terms and conditions as agreed in the lease apply. 1.4. Short-term tenant means: a tenant who rents a number of separate, i.e. not necessarily at equal intervals, dayparts in a year with a Room Rental Card. 1.5. A Room Rental Card can only be purchased after a personal intake with one of the studio coordinators or – managers of Delight Yoga. During this intake, the Delight coordinator or manager determines whether the tenant and the purpose of the rental are sufficiently in line with the values of Delight Yoga. 1.5. Occasional tenant means: a tenant who rents the space for one or more single dayparts on a one-time rental agreement. 1.6. Cancellation means: a cancellation of the one-time rental agreement or reservation by the tenant. 1.7. Users means: all participants in a tenant's activity. In terms of house rules, the same rules apply to users as to also tenants.

2. Use of the space

2.1. The spaces at Delight Yoga can be used for the purpose of treatments, massages and guidances in the realm of personal development, awareness and healing in both personal and business life. The use of the space must be consistent with the values of Delight Yoga. 2.2. The tenant is not allowed to use the space for any other activity than indicated in the rental agreement or reservation, to rent it to third parties or to give it in use. 2.3. If the purpose for which the space is used changes during the rental period or in the time between the conclusion of the contract and the actual booking, this must be reported to Delight Yoga within 24 hours. 2.5. If the actual use deviates from the specified activity / purpose, the respective rental agreement and/or Room Rental Card can be dissolved immediately by Delight Yoga.

3. Reservation and bookings

3.1 Reservations for a space at Delight Yoga are made with the host in any Delight studio at least 48 hours in advance to the treatment. 3.2. It is is only possible to rent a space for one single session if this session has a minimum duration of 4 hours. If the duration of the session is shorter than 4 hours, renting the space is only possible with a Room Rental Card. 3.3. The reservation takes place between set times that are pre-determined between the tenant and Delight Yoga bv at the moment of reservation. It is not possible to deviate from these times unless this is communicated 48 hours in advance.
3.4. If the reservation cannot take place for whatever reason, the tenant should inform Delight Yoga 48 hours in advance to the booked appointment. This can be done by phone or by email. If the tenant fails to timely inform Delight Yoga, the use of the space will be billed for the full 100%. 3.5 Delight Yoga reserves the right to cancel the room rental at any time. If the room rental is cancelled by Delight Yoga, the tenant will be reimbursed 100% of the cost.

4. Payment

4.1. In case of an one-time occasional rental agreement with one or several dayparts, the tennant will be invoiced in advance. Once the payment is received, the reservation is booked.
4.2. Short term tennants must purchase a Room Rental Card. This Room Rental Card is valid for one year. All unused rental credits will waive after this period. 4.3. Long term tennants will be invoiced on a monthly basis and will follow


5.1 Delight Yoga is not liable for damage caused by incorrect and / or incomplete information provided by the tennant on relevant medical conditions, medication use, work or leisure. Delight Yoga is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal belongings. 5.2 The tennant will be held accountable for any damage to the space incurred during the rental period.

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