The Sacred Window of Pregnancy, Birthing and Postnatal through Ayurveda

"Forty-two days for forty-two years" is a saying in Ayurveda meaning the food and lifestyle choices a new mother makes from the moment of giving birth to forty-two days (six weeks) after, will affect their next forty-two years physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This illustrates the importance of that beautiful and precious window that is the postnatal period. We can either bring ourselves even more out of balance or, by making simple food and lifestyle choices, we can use those six weeks as a magical window to rejuvenate ourselves, making the new mommy and baby both happy!

What you will learn:

This workshop is for pregnant women, ideally in their second or third trimester. It will help them prepare physically and mentally for birthing and the postnatal period. Victoria (Tory) will also share some golden tips that have helped her during pregnancy and birthing.

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Book your workshop here

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