Ayurveda & Yoga Season Workshop

with Patricia Veltri

Learn the tools of Ayurveda and yoga to balance your health during seasonal changes and let’s celebrate the gifts this beautiful season of springtime has to offer.


About the Workshop

Lifestyle shifts, changes in weather, a seasonal diet, emotional responses and mood swings; all of these constantly affect our bodies' systems, and each change in season makes these fluctuations more intense. Keeping the body-mind balanced is something that doesn't happen spontaneously, but the combination of Ayurveda with yoga is a powerful tool in these transitions. Together, they help us recover our physical and emotional balance and tune into the joy and beauty each season brings with it.

In order to understand how to apply these tools, we are offering a series of workshops which will introduce you to some basic Ayurvedic principles, followed by a closer look at how to work with these in each new season.

Using simple and practical adjustments, you will be able to enjoy the positive qualities of Nature’s cycles, embracing each energy to its fullest and flowing through the year in a vibrant and healthy way.

March: Spring Workshop The arrival of spring gradually moves us out of the cold winter months. During this time of the year, our body naturally yearns for a reset so it can move out of stagnation and tap into the fresh spring energy. Just as the snow and ice in the mountains start to melt and flow down, losing their cold and heavy qualities, our body mirrors that motion. Whatever we’ve been accumulating during the winter months starts to melt and flood our channels. This is when we experience colds and flus and feel heavy and lethargic. This is the season where you want to stimulate your channels by being more active and cleansing - you will learn how to balance your Kapha in this workshop.

September : Autumn Workshop All seasons bring change with their transitions. Although Autumn is beautiful, it can be difficult to let go of summer and move inwards in the fall. Nature encourages us to release what is not needed anymore and come closer to our true essence, and this can make us feel vulnerable and ungrounded. As the winds start to blow a little harder and temperatures start to drop, you might experience similar qualities rising within yourself. This workshop aims to balance Vata Dosha by focusing on nourishing and grounding through your diet and daily routine.

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