Voice Liberation Workshop

with Luna Ridderhof

Discover the power of your voice! Feel free when you speak, free to make noise. Take up your space. Voice liberation is a form of free expression that gives energy and helps release emotions. What yoga does for the body, voice liberation does for the voice and emotions.

Price: €125 (10% discount for Delight members)

When: 16 Sep 2023, 10.00 - 17.00

Where: Weteringschans, Amsterdam

About the Workshop

Voice liberation is literally about freeing your voice. Our voice is made to be heard, and we usually use it without thinking. When we start singing it will be different. Often we shy away from our own sound, or we have all kinds of judgments about it. We want more, higher, and harder, but at the same time, we don't dare. Imagine being heard!

Voice liberation helps you to investigate what your own sound is, and to find out where your voice sounds or feels the best. And especially to feel when our voice is 'true'. When does our voice really say something about ourselves, about our desires, our joys, our pains, in short: about our soul? In this workshop, we will playfully discover what your voice wants and what space you can make at the moment.

Step by step I will take you into the wonderful world of your voice. We will land in our bodies through movement, warm up our voices, and slowly start making more space for you! You can only experience voice liberation, be surprised by your own sound! During the workshop, you will experience an opening of the throat chakra and a connection with yourself and others. The workshop is playful yet deep and you will leave with renewed energy and tools to take home to keep practicing at your own pace.

About Luna

Luna has a master's degree in Social Psychology, is a Professional Coach, and graduated as a voice liberator at Jan Kortie (center for voice liberation) She started her career as a business psychologist and soon made the shift to independent trainer and coach. She guided many thousands of people in the field of personal development. Focused on communication from the heart, authenticity, and free expression, she founded the training agency Speaking Up, with which she developed Public Speaking training courses using her own methodology. Now she focuses on her great love of voice liberation and gives workshops, training, and individual coaching. Find your Voice is her latest creation started in April 2023. Her big passion in life is to investigate the deeper intelligence that lies within us and figure out how can you access it. Experiencing and expressing emotions always turned out to be an important key in this. Voice liberation became her favourite tool to connect people to their feelings, unleash their power, and help facilitate personal growth.

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