Yin & Sound in Amsterdam

with Irem Tulcaltan

A deep relaxing experience merging two ancient practices: Yin Yoga & Sound Meditation, right around the time of New Moon! In this class, Irem will use her one of a kind Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls and other calming instruments to focus the mind on the sound and the subtle experience that healing frequencies create.

You'll be guided through a New Moon intention setting meditation, followed by a series of Yin poses holding for 3-5 minutes in order to stimulate the deep tissue to release, creating greater relaxations and harmonization of body and mind. Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls are connected to the ancient practices of chakra balancing. The transformative sound vibrations created by the bowls travel through your layers of body tissue (fascia), inviting stagnant energy to be released.

April 29th 2022
May 27th 2022
June 24th 2022

Nieuwe Achtergracht

20:00 - 21:30

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