Yin Yoga Teacher Training

50-Hour Intensive Course with the Functional Yoga Teacher Training

2022 holds an exciting new collaboration! We are so excited to announce that Marcel and Anat from the Functional Yoga Teacher Training will be leading a new yin yoga teacher training with Delight Yoga next year. So many of us are desiring a deeper connection to ourselves and our bodies, and their functional approach to Yin Yoga and yogic philosophy is sure to nourish and transform your practice.

Surrounded by mountains and waterfalls, we will go deep within ourselves and our practices to understand the basic principles of yin & yang philosophy and how these concepts affect our bodies, our physiology and our health. We will look into our own body to understand how it moves and what it needs. And we will look deep within our hearts to understand our choices, our pitfalls and our capacity to understand and to heal.

This course is intended to generate a deeply nourishing experience for body, heart and soul. High up in the mountains of Portugal we dive in the yin universe. We look into the variations in human anatomy and how this influences our practice, we learn what the poses are supposed to do for us and how every body can achieve that, regardless of age, experience or flexibility.

We will also explore chakras and their relevance for our daily lives, learning chakra meditation techniques.

This course will give you all the basics to teach yin yoga if that is what you hope to do, and to take the most out of your practice if teaching is not for you. More than anything, this week is a time for gentle self development and self care.

What you will learn

  • Anatomy
  • Skeletal segments
  • Muscle groups
  • The concepts of target areas and functional yoga
  • Skeletal variations
  • Tension X, compression, and more
  • The Yin Yoga poses: analysis of poses, their modifications and alternatives and how to teach the poses
  • Chakra theory
  • Chakra meditation
  • The concepts of karma, samskaras, vrittis, and vasanas

Held at the beautiful D’Alijo Retreat Center in North Portugal

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