Cacao Community Night

A heartwarming community night with Cacao Sound & Singing

At Delight Yoga, we offer Cacao Community Nights in Amsterdam. Join Leonie Eshuis at Delight Yoga Prinseneiland for a heartwarming community night full of cacao, sound and singing!

When: Friday 12 May 20:00 - 21:30, 2 June 20.00-21.30 and 14 July 20.00-21.30

Where: Delight Weteringschans, Amsterdam

Price: Normal class rate

Cacao Community Night

We share cacao together and meet each other in a space of playfulness, connection and singing. Expressing your voice through singing soothes the body, welcomes the heart and calms the mind. Carried by the warm embrace of cacao, you can fully relax into the moment and be here and now, together.

Through cacao and the breath we first connect with our internal world. From there we meet each other in the vibration of sound. Cacao has her way of holding whatever is there in a loving embrace of acceptance. We drink pure cacao directly sourced from beautiful food forests in Latin America.

Practical info:

Language: English Type: 90 min class Location: Delight Yoga Prinseneiland, Amsterdam Price: €20 Delight Single Class | Also available with an Introduction Card, Delight Class Card or Delight Membership. See all pricing. There are no OneFit & ClassPass spots available unfortunately.

Cacao Community Night

You can book this class 3 weeks in advance

About the teacher

Leonie Eshuis
Amsterdam, Prinseneiland
Leonie has an intimate connection with cacao and the jungles it comes from. Together with Erik she started Pure Kakaw. They directly import cacao from farmers that work with food forests and regenerative farming. In the past Leonie taught yoga, breath work and she loves to sing. On these community nights you get a little bit of everything.

About the studio

The cacao ceremony nights take place at Prinseneiland in Amsterdam

Prinseneiland, Amsterdam

Prinseneiland 20G

1013 LR Amsterdam


About studio

This studio is located at Prinseneiland: just a two-minute walk from Haarlemmerplein. This space is a perfect place to reconnect with yourself and find peace within. The large windows give a beautiful view of the canals and small harbour. The room upstairs has a dome-shaped roof and downstairs you will find the reception area and two dressing rooms with showers.

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