Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing

with Lydia Elbertzhagen

Listening to the sound of Alchemy Crystal singing bowls allows us to relax our body and to quiet our mind and its thoughts. While we are feeling the vibrations of the sound flowing through our body, our cells are resonating with those vibrations and we are able to forget about time and space and to feel our body weightless.

The pure sound of the Alchemy crystal singing bowls is able to change our whole system, like affecting our energy centers (Chakras) and therefore bringing back balance into our body, mind and spirit. Physical and energetic blockages can be loosened up again and healing can happen. Experiencing an Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing promotes deep conscious rest, creativity and a deeper connection to oneself.

The soundbath takes place in a lying, comfortable position. Make sure to come in warm and cosy clothes. An eye pillow is recommendable during the sound bath and if you like to bring your own pillow, blanket or meditation mat feel free to do so.

About Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones® Alchemy Crystal singing bowls are made to 99,99% of the highest quality quartz crystal, which makes them incredibly resonant. Each bowl is unique and fused with different precious gemstones, minerals or precious metals such as 24 carat gold, platinum, etc. This patented manufacturing process makes the singing bowls very precious with the result of an extraordinarily beautiful work of art that produces the purest sound harmonics for sound healing and deep relaxation.

Practical info:

Language: English

Type: 75 min class

Location: Delight Yoga Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

Price: €20 Delight Single Class | Also available with an Introduction Card, Delight Class Card or Delight Membership. The Mysore Program is only available with a Delight Class Card or a Delight Mysore Membership. See all pricing. We do not have any spots available for OneFit & ClassPass members

Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing

You can book a class 2 weeks in advance

Alchemy Crystal Sound Healing studio

Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

Scheveningseweg 14

2517 KT Den Haag


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