Healing Concert

with Elke Brouwers and Ira Hardjosusono

Elke and Ira invite you on this journey within by exploring the healing magic of sound and singing mantras.

Price: €45 or €40 for Delight members
When: 12 March, 14:00-16:00 Where: Delight Scheveningseweg, Den Haag

About the Workshop

The healing concert will start with a guided meditation to tap into your mind, body and energy and prepare yourself for deep healing through sound. You can either be seated in a relaxed position, or make yourself even more comfortable by laying down to rest and let yourself be fully immersed into the sound.

Elke & Ira will then take you onto a journey of playing and singing mantra music. The word ‘Mantra’ literally means ‘set free the mind’. Chanting mantras takes us out of the head and into the heart. This allows us to reconnect with the warm space which is present within us all. The sounds will invite you to free and raise your own healing voice. From there singing and chanting will happen by itself.

Like a nurturing medicine, this healing concert will touch the places that are asking to be healed and leave you feeling warm, spacious and in tune with your body, mind and soul.

About the teachers

Elke Brouwers

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