with Satya Katiza & Kevin Sahaj

Are you ready to free yourself from your limitations, fears and confusions we are all individually and socially trapped in? Satsang is an invitation for the ones who feel the call in their hearts to awake to the nature of being human, our right to live from true Peace, true Joy and true Love.

About Satsang

Satsang, the company of Truth

The word Satsang means “a gathering of people interested in truth”. SAT means “truth”, SANGA means “a group of people”. This word Satsang is applied in India to teachings related to the transmission of SAT or truth, from the teacher to a group of interested people. This Sat or truth is not a set of beliefs, nor is it a set of practices or explanation of practices. It is a direct pointing to reality based on the realization of the person transmitting the Satsang.

During Satsang, you will be invited to enter the illusory gate that has kept us separate from our natural human nature. With her help pointing us towards where we can find the only and supreme treasure waiting for each of us: true Peace, true Love, true Joy and true liberation.

Being in presence

Satsang is an invitation to simply being in the presence of who you really are, pure Being-ness. Knowing your Self, allowing ourselves to step out of your person-hood the identification with the persona of whom we think you are that lives in time and space and identify itself with its very personal stories, concepts, ideas, dreams, dramas, and traumas, etc. Moving beyond the psychological mind or trying to understand the mind. It doesn’t take long, is nearer than near, it's who you truly are and always have been. When we recognize it we are free, spontaneously. Peace is there, Love is there, end of desires is there, it only requires your willingness to Be present with no past nor future. Be Here and Now.

Special classes and Workshops

We offer the following Satsang Special Classes that can be booked through the regular schedule below (two weeks in advance):

  • Monthly Satsang with Satya & Sahaj: The theme of the 1,5-hour monthly Satsang will be based on the 'Theme of the Month' and is integrated with our Living Awake program. This special class takes place either online or live at our studio.
  • Seasonal Satsang with Satya: this 1,5-hour event takes place online, 4 times a year, 7 days in a row.
  • To deepen even more into what is present at the moment and to become present in Satya's presence, we also offer Satsang workshops with Satya. These workshops of 2 hours or full days take place live at our studio. They can be booked through the booking options below.

About the special classes & workshops

Dates Seasonal Satsangs in 2023 (11:00 - 12:30):

  • Spring: 17 - 23 April
  • Summer: 19 - 25 June
  • Autumn: 23 - 29 October
  • End of Year & New Year: 27 December 2023 - 2 January 2024

Dates & Themes Monthly Satsangs in 2023 (16:00 - 17:30):

  • 11 January - Moving in
  • 1 February - Nourish your subtle body
  • 8 March - Connecting with joy
  • 12 April - Fresh start
  • 10 May - Feel / open your heart
  • 7 June - Showing your true colours
  • No Monthly Satsang in July due to Sva Dharma Summer Camp
  • 23 August - Remember your self
  • 6 September - Moving with the winds of change
  • 11 October - Letting go
  • 1 November - Finding your ground
  • 6 December - Strong back soft front

Language: English Type: 90 min classes Location: Delight Online (Zoom) Price: €20 Delight Single Class | Also available with an Introduction Card, Delight Class Card, Delight Membership. The Online classes are also available with a Delight Online Membership. See all pricing..

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