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Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Delve deeper into the richness of Yoga.

The Delight Academy offers trainings for everyone on the yoga path. Whether you want to deepen your own practice, learn the tools to share yoga with others or want to bring your teaching to a more meaningful level, our trainings will bring you in touch with your most authentic Self and help you grow.

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Pre Teacher Training:

"The training took me to the next level of my practice. It offers a strong foundation for your practice and an abundance of wisdom there is to find on the yogic path. I warmly recommend the Pre-Teacher Training with Satya and Sahaj."

– Tine te Winkel

Pre Teacher Training:

"After 6 years of (mostly Hatha) yoga practice I wanted to deepen my yoga knowledge and yoga practice by following the BTT. For me the PTT was the best preparation for the BTT I could imagine. Satya and Sahaj are very experienced and inspiring teachers and they already broadened and deepened my yoga knowledge and helped me to perform my Ashtanga practice easier and more intense with practical tools. I would certainly recommend this training to others who seek for the next step on their yoga path."

– Jerica Kok

Basic Teacher Training:

"It was incredible, transformative and rich. Satya and Sahaj shared their knowledge so humbly, conscientiously and powerfully. Every detail was so thoughtful. Most importantly, I genuinely felt the love and care they have for yoga. If there was one definitive basic teacher training one could take in the world, it would have to be this."

– Jiahui Yeo

Basic Teacher Training:

"These were the best 3 weeks of my life. An undoing, peeling off the unnecessary layers. Finding my true spiritual teachers in Satya and Sahaj. Feeling so held and supported by such a beautiful community. Returning to my heart over and over, staying closer than ever to my true self."

– Willanny Darias

Advanced Studies:

"The overall experience was amazing. A profound, healing and transformative journey. A remembrance, an intimate recognizing of something that was never lost, but forgotten. It is revealing itself more and more and it is our birthright to be in connection with this and I am forever thankful for the teachers that showed me which way to move. I consider Satya, Sahaj and Tory as my teachers and I am grateful to be in close connection with them. The wisdom that streams through them from their teachers is beautifully clean, clear and radiant."

– Sjoerd Dragtsma, teacher at Delight Yoga

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Yoga Essentials Traning

Take a first step in deepening
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Discover the broader aspects of yoga in our Yoga Essentials training (pre teacher training)

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