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Why a teacher training?

You have been practicing yoga for a while and directly experienced its benefits. Now you want to understand yoga better and share its gifts with others. This is what we often see happening to students after a few months or years. And with that, an interest arising in participating in a Yoga Teacher Training.

Would you like to:

  • Understand what it is that makes yoga so special?
  • Establish your own practice at your own pace for your own needs, wherever you like?
  • Better understand your energy body and learn how yoga can recharge your batteries?
  • Learn more about the philosophical background of this ancient system? ​
  • Learn how to share yoga with other people?
  • Dive into a transformative process that will equip you with the tools to change your life?
  • Find support and guidance in how to live and teach in our times?

And if the answer is yes - are you ready to commit?

Embarking on a teacher training requires your full commitment. Towards yourself and towards your practice. Practice has a physical component to it, but it mostly involves an inner process of getting to know ourselves inside out, thoroughly, developing our capacity to embrace every aspect of the self - the ones we like as much as the ones we don’t like. Practice requires time and patience. We recommend you to be established in your own yoga practice first, before stepping into a teacher training program.

What is your motivation to join a teacher training?

While it is possible to make a living as a ‘yoga professional’, the motivation to join this program should be broader than wanting a career change. Becoming a yoga teacher is not something that comes with a certificate, but through years of dedicated studies, practice and guidance.

Drop your plans, commit sincerely to the path of yoga. The rest will unfold naturally, at its own time. Teaching yoga rests upon a sense of duty and responsibility to share your inner calling with others.


Yoga Essentials Traning

Take a first step in deepening
your yoga practice.

Discover the broader aspects of yoga in our Yoga Essentials training (pre teacher training)

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