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Why at Delight Academy?

Delight Academy offers authentic and profound trainings in the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Our highly experienced team of teachers is committed to providing you with an open and inspiring education, allowing you to uncover your own potential. We believe that a student of yoga should personally experience the process of yoga, its richness and its multiple dimensions personally, before becoming a teacher for other students. It is from the own experience that a yogi can become a guide to other people. We guide you in this process with a focus on honesty to yourself, respect for your own capabilities and boundaries, with humour and lightness but also with passion from our deep commitment to improve the world that we are inhabiting.


Our programs have already been running for many years under the guidance of Katiza Satya and a handpicked team of experienced yoga practitioners. Katiza Satya has played a pivotal role in spreading the yoga teachings in the Netherlands since the late ‘90s. She has started offering yoga teacher training programs in 2000 and has since then continued to offer her programs in various formats according to the evolving needs of the students. Katiza Satya has been directing the Delight Yoga Teacher Training programs since 2012 and is now teaching together with her partner Kevin Sahaj.


Whereas Delight Academy offers trainings in a variety of yoga styles, we stay true to the lineages of our own teachers and guide you in finding the path that works best for you personally. Asana (the physical postures) is where we start, but from the very beginning we bring the more subtle aspects of yoga and meditation into the trainings.


Watch this recording of our Open Day for more information and background on our programs:

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